To be honest, I promise to tell the absolute truth in everything I do. Opps that’s what James is on about isn’t it. There’s no need for me to say I promise or I swear in Gods name. If it is true I should just say yes and if it’s not no. If your mate comes over and says look you said you would help me and you haven’t, there’s not need for you to say I promise Ill do it this time, just do it. If you have mucked up in the past no need to say Ill never do that again, just don’t do it again. So how does this effect the way we handle ourselves at school or college? It simply means doing what we say and no less. It also means not doing what we say. All too often we actually want to help everyone and we say things like ill help out at youth group, Ill get that home work project done, Ill listen to aftershock, Ill do the shopping for that old lady, Ill, Ill… and the list goes on and on. If we get involved with everything then our yes will never we our yes because we couldn’t possible have the time. Far better to commit to help in a few things and do them well, then to let many people down. So when someone approaches you and asks you to help, just pause and ask your self does this need to be a time when my yes is yes or does my no have to be no this time?

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