Are you the quiet type who likes being on their own. Maybe you’re the independent type who relies on no one other than themselves. That was me, I was a lone ranger. I needed and trusted no one. If it needed doing then I was quite capable of doing it thank you very much. It all began at school for me. School was rubbish, always trying to fit in, but never really making it and worse still, being bullied instead. So that’s when I started to trust no one and rely only on myself. Soon enough college came and I wasn’t going to let a repeat of school happen. So once again, I depended only on me. And if you didn’t like that then that’s was tough. So eventually Jesus got through my thick skull and I realised I was loved by him and gave my life to Jesus. That was just the start. Suddenly I realised just like Paul in this passage, there were loads of people who wanted to help me. There were loads of new friends who just wanted me to open up to them and trust them to help me. It took me a long time to let the walls I had built up be broken down, but once I did what a relief and what a blessing all my mates are to me. Now I have many mates who I can trust and who trust me. I have friends galore who help me, and who are happy to call me for help when they need it. I often wish that I had let these people into my life sooner. Oh well, at least you aren’t that thick headed. Are you?

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