As I was growing up, my parents didn’t go to church and didn’t show any signs of trusting in Jesus. But I have other friends from school, college and even those I have met more recently, that have always been in a family that knew Jesus. Some of them, just simply can not remember the time they gave their life to Jesus, for them, it seems like he has always been their saviour. Sometimes I think that’s harder than not knowing Jesus when you are younger. I can sit down and thank God for the exact moment that I gave my life to him. For those that have always known Jesus pinpointing that time is harder. But just like the Samaritan villagers, there has to come a time when you stop taking someone else’s word for it, and take on Jesus as your saviour, for yourself. For those that have a Christian family, there must come a time where they say, this is my faith, and not just my families faith. The question is, has that time come for you yet?

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3 Responses to “Now It’s Up To You – John 4 31-42”

thats just my prob people say its up to me but when i make the choice its always the wrong choice

There is little we can do about our choices from the past. However our future choices are down to us, and I know God is on your side.

yer your right but i hate always being put down for the wrong thing