So we all know about this passage, we know about the donkey journey and we know about the fact that there was no room at the inn. So what does that matter? Jesus could have been born anywhere, in any house, in any family. It matters because that statement is not true. The Jesus Messiah had to be born in the family of David. David The guy who beat Goliath was told by God that Jesus would build a house for God. Not only that David was told that Jesus would be one of his descendents. Also another wise guy in the Old testament called Micah said that this Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. Ok so a couple of guys said Jesus would be born in the family of David and come from Bethlehem so what! It’s important because it means that you don’t follow a con artist, you don’t follow a nice guy, you don’t follow some bloke who happened to say he was Gods Son. You follow the Son of God who proved these predictions and many more to be true. It matters because God’s interested in details, he was interested in the details about his own son, and he interested in the details about you.

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