It seems like belief in angels is very popular today, especially ‘guardian angels’. But a great many people seem to get excited about the idea of angels watching over us, whilst at the same time scoffing at the idea of the Son of God dying for our sins. But when you hear the words that have just been read, doesn’t that seem crazy? For one thing, the word ‘angel’ means “messenger”. That means if angels are real, then the person who gave them a message to deliver must be real. Angels, by their very existence, point beyond themselves to someone greater. So dreaming and gushing about angels, whilst all the time ignoring Christ, is like taking down posters of a great superstar and replacing them with photographs of that superstar’s road crew! Yes, angels are real, and they are sent to watch over us and speak to us. But these citizens of heaven are all delivering the same ultimate message; “Come and meet our king, nothing compares to Him”.

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