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What If You Could Do It? – Colossians 3 1-17

Posted by on June 27th, 2008

Wow, Paul is reminding us that we are now new people because of what Jesus did for us. I don’t know about you but I find it hard to live up to the expectations Paul has laid out before us. I’m not so good at not getting angry. My thoughts are not always pure. And on the odd occasions words that come out of my mouth are not the words I would want my Mum to have heard. So it seems that I can not live a Jesus like life, how about you? Can you live that way at school or college? No didn’t think so. So do we just give up and go back to our old ways of living? Well you won’t be surprised to hear me say no. We are right, we can’t live the pure life on our own, but we can pray to God to help us. And every now and then when we are tempted we can use a very simple technique to help us. When a mate winds us up and we want to get angry, we can say to ourselves; “I know I can’t stay calm by myself, but if I could stay calm what’s the first thing I would do?” And then do it. It might be leave, it might be smile, but if we do it we’re on our way. When we want to take a swig of the booze that our mates are passing around, we can say to ourselves; “I know I want to take a swig, but if I didn’t, what’s the first thing I would do?” And then do it. It might be grab a coke, it might be go home. And if we can do all these things whilst praying to Jesus, then we will be living the pure life.

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