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Schools Out – Colossians 2 1-10

Posted by on June 24th, 2008

So many adults need to hear Paul’s words from today’s passage. I’m not being mean because I need to hear them as well, and so do you. I love the way that this translation tells us Schools Out now’s the time for living what you have been taught. You study at school or college, but for what? You study so that you can use that knowledge in your future life. There is no point in studying Law at college, if you intend on becoming a plumber, you will never use the knowledge you gained at college. What’s the point of practicing your guitar for hours on end if you never intend on playing it once you have learnt the basics. Goes without saying really doesn’t it, but many adults do take that attitude towards Jesus. They study Jesus, go to every seminar about him, read hundreds of books on the way he lived his life. And then what do they do? They walk past someone on the street that needs help. They gossip about people at work. They completely miss the point; they don’t use the knowledge they have. So we can sit here all pompous like and say “yer that’s right adults are like that.” Except for one thing, often we are like that too, aren’t we? So let’s make a decision today to not only learn what Jesus wants us to do, but to actually do it in our daily lives at school and college. Let’s continue to study Gods word, but let’s start taking more action to make a difference in others lives using the knowledge that we have been given from our God.

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