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Hole In The Heart – Colossians 1 15-29

Posted by on June 20th, 2008

Do you know guys who do drugs? What are they looking for? What about people that sleep around, what are they searching for? How about the people that are trying desperately to be famous in sport or music, what are they searching for? There seems to be some drive in almost all the people I know. Young and old alike, people seem to be searching for something. You must know adults that pride themselves on the house and car they have, what is that saying about them? You know mates whose sole purpose in life is to get as popular as possible. What are they up to? Drug addicts, hard driven business people, film stars, promiscuous teenagers, they all search for one thing. But we can call it many things, we can call it a search for meaning, acceptance, purpose, or fulfilment. Whatever we call it is irrelevant, it is actually a search for Jesus. We are told it plain and simple in this passage, we were all created to glory Jesus and our purpose is in him. Some people describe it as a God shaped hole in our heart that we will never fill with booze, sex or ambition. I’m not so sure that is a good picture as it brings it back to what we need. The truth is that if we focus on Jesus, accept him into our lives, live a life that he would want us to live, then what we need is part of the package. So next time you seek to find your purpose in something other than Jesus, just remember, it’s only temporary, because there is only one cure to that ache in your heart. Seek Jesus instead.

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