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No Room – Joshua 15 20-63

Posted by on June 11th, 2008

Wow what’s the point of that massive list of names? Here we just have a humongous list what could we possible learn from that? Well I think we can learn a fair bit from the final comment. “The people of Judah couldn’t get rid of the Jebusites who lived in Jerusalem. The Jebusites stayed put, living alongside the people of Judah. They are still living there in Jerusalem.” So they are saying there all these people who we are happy to live alongside, and then this one set of people who we don’t want, there is no room for them. It’s like saying there we lived with these guys from the USA, some from England, others from Spain and we had to put up with those from Turkey. That wouldn’t have been Gods plan when Jesus says that we to love our neighbour as ourselves. What’s it like at school or college? Are you happy to live alongside the skaters and the Goths but the geeks are just too much? Or maybe you feel like you are the outcast. Either way be assured that Gods original plan was that we would all live along side each other in peace and it’s is only mankind that have mucked it all up. Get used to it, living with everyone because whoever your are Skater, American, Black, Tall, Goth, English, White, Turkish, Chinese, Big, God will welcome you to Heaven.

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