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Life Is Not Boring – Joshua 15 1-19

Posted by on June 9th, 2008

Caleb is eighty five years old. That’s even old in my book; it must seem ancient for you. Not only that, he has been doing battle for God for forty five years. That’s probably longer then you have been alive, by a lot. So you can forgive Caleb for being a little weary. I mean you know how it is after you have been doing something for a little while you do get a bit fed up of it. You lose your inspiration and drive. It’s not as exciting as it was last year; basically you just get bored of it. But Caleb is on fire. He is up there shouting I’m ready for more, how did he manage that. How did he manage to live over half his life on fire, doing what he did, day in day out? Pretty simple really, Caleb had discovered what God had wanted him to do. Caleb had taken God within him; no actually Caleb had allowed God to take Caleb with God. What is it that God has put a fire in your belly about? What is it that you think about constantly? Is that what God wants’ you to do? Go do and take God with you. Better still go do it and ask God to take you with him.

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