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Hide And Seek – John 20 19-31

Posted by on May 23rd, 2008

So the plan is unfolding and the disciples are begging to believe. All this time the disciples have walked around with Jesus they have seen the miracles he has performed, they have listened to him teach and finally they are beginning to believe. Remember Jesus told them that he would rise again, but they still seem in complete shock when the find that his body is missing. Isn’t that just like us? Often we are told by our parents or youth leaders about the stuff Jesus did. We are told that he was born, did all this amazing stuff, died and rose again, and is able to do amazing stuff. We are told that Jesus heals; we are told that Jesus can guide us; we are told that he will make a difference in our lives. But then we walk about college or school and somehow that just seems miles away and doubt creeps in. What we know in our head, what we know is written in the Bible, doesn’t seem to make a difference in our lives. We want to rush into the tomb and see the proof of an empty grave. We want to see the healings we hear about; but sometimes that is not God plan for our lives. If you have seen miracles, if you have physically seen God do stuff, then fantastic, thank him for that. But I know that often the way God shows me that he exists is through the little every day things that people miss. The change in a friend’s life when they begin to believe.

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