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Game Over – John 15 1-17

Posted by on May 8th, 2008

Once again Jesus is talking to a bunch of people who grow their own crops and know about grapes; so he talks to
them about fruit and how their lives are like growing fruit. If he was talking directly to us today, I am sure he would
use different pictures to get his message across, but his message would be the same. Jesus might say something
like, I am the games console and my Father is the games master. Those players who ignore the games master will
lose lives; they won’t complete the levels and will lose the game. Every player that listens to the games master will
receive hints and tips from him. The games master will teach you, and whilst it may take several attempts to win a
level, eventually you will win the game. When we read and pray to God we are listening to the Farmer, we are
listening to the Games Master. Listening to God will show with the actions we take in our lives, and we will bear fruit,
we will win levels. When we listen to God and remember the ultimate cheat in game playing, we will love one another
and it will not be “game over” it will be “game on.”

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