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Emergency – John 5 19-29

Posted by on March 25th, 2008

Now is the time to act. That’s what Jesus message is in this passage. He is pretty clear about what the consequences are of choosing to follow him and what the consequences are of not choosing to follow him. It may not make for a nice fluffy message to you and your mates, but the facts are plain. If you choose to follow Jesus in this life, then you choose to follow him forever and party in Heaven. However if you choose not to follow Jesus in this life, then you will not be forced to be with him forever in Heaven, you have chosen to be apart from Jesus forever. If that plain fact was not hard hitting enough; Jesus now says, don’t hang around, you do not know how quickly you choice will be committed to eternity. It is a sad fact that some people die when they are over one hundred and others die when they are children. Why? I don’t know and maybe we can ask Jesus when we meet him. But that does mean that those who have the ability to choose between following Jesus and not following Jesus, should get on with it, because we never know when our time to stand in front of him will come. I often hear people say they will do what they want in this life and then ask Jesus to be their mate and forgive them on their death bed. Let’s hope and pray, that those that choose that way of life, have the chance to do just that. As for me and my mates and family I would rather we made our choice now and then we can be sure of our future. Yep, not only is it urgent, it’s an emergency.

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