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Guess Who – John 1 14-28

Posted by on March 4th, 2008

Dark complexion, long hair, sandals, yep there is no doubt you must be Jesus. What do you mean no you not. People can so simply get the wrong idea, can’t they. John the Baptist was mistaken for Jesus, despite the fact he was busy telling everyone that he wasn’t Jesus, he was preparing the way for Jesus. We can do the much of the same these days. It’s easy to give the impression that you are some sought of super Christian. Go to church on Sunday, joining the school Christian union, drop phrases like “Ill pray for you” and before you know where you are, everyone thinks you are Jesus right hand man. The problem is when we get to meet God, that means nothing at all. We can do all the right things but if we have not asked Jesus to be our saviour, we can’t party in Heaven with him. So forget looking like your doing the right things and just spend some time with Jesus.

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