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My Word Is My Bond – Joshua 6 10-20

Posted by on December 12th, 2007

Do your mates trust you? Do they know that whatever you say you will do? If I walked into your college or school tomorrow and spoke to your mates, what would they say about you? In this passage, Joshua is making good on the promise his men made to Rahab. He says leave her alone. Joshua has done what Jesus would later tell us to do, he has let his yes be his yes. In other words, he has done what he said he would do. The way we are with other people is so important that Jesus said that there is no need to dress things up, just do what we say we will do. If we say we will pray for someone, then pray, better not to say we will do it at all if we are likely not to do it. If we say we will look out for a lonely person at school, then look out for them. If we say we will do something and we don’t, then what are we showing others about Christians? No need to swear on the Bible or say “I promise,” we just need to do it, or not bother saying it. We just need the words that come out of mouth be our bond. Being a Christian isn’t as easy as people make out, is it?

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Wibble – Joshua 6 1-9

Posted by on December 11th, 2007

So you sit there just waiting on God and you feel the Holy Spirit start to speak to you. God says right, what I want you to do is this. When you go to school tomorrow I want you to grab a bunch of mates and go out to the sports field. Then I want you to march to one end of the football field and should glory to God. After that, I want you to march to the other end and shout Jesus is saviour. Do that seven times and I God will make every iPod and MP3 player blast out choruses of Hallelujah. Well I don’t know about you but my first though might be to lay off the cheese before I go to bed and to check that someone wasn’t slipping something dodgy into my coke. It seems to me that when ever God picks someone in the Bible to do something great, what they are asked to do sounds a bit loopy. Build an ark where there is no water. Dance naked down the street. Shout at the walls of a city. Worship a baby in a cow shed. Is it possible that God is looking for complete commitment? I mean after all, he could have us do something a little less loopy, but may he wants us to go the whole way. What loopy thing is God asking you to do, that you are just ignoring? Maybe it’s not so mad after all. Maybe checking in with a leader that you trust, might be worth doing, because maybe you are going to do something great for God.

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Who Was That Masked Man? – Joshua 5 10-15

Posted by on December 10th, 2007

Back when my Dad was a nipper there was a show called The Lone Ranger. You may have heard about it. The show was about a cowboy who wore a mask and went around saving the day with his trusty sidekick Tonto the American native Indian. Anyway at the end of each show the person who had been saved looked into the distance at The Lone Ranger riding away and said Who Was That Masked Man? That’s how Joshua must have been here when he saw this lone stranger standing in front of him. Most people believe this to be Jesus, but what you have to remember is this is way before Jesus came to Earth to be born in a manger. Never the less Joshua fell to his feet and worshipped the man that claimed to be the leader of Gods army. This stranger said I am not on anyone’s side I am the leader of Gods army, and Joshua instinctively knew that he should worship Jesus. Do we do that, do we drop to our knees and worship Jesus, who rescued us from death? You might say, I haven’t physically seen Jesus. Bad news there I’m afraid. Because later in the Bible, Jesus says, whatever we do to other people, is as though we are doing it to him. When we are mean and harsh to those who need love, Jesus says we are mean and harsh to him. Equally when we are kind and loving to others, Jesus says we are kind and loving to him. So when we bump into people at school and college, lets treat them like we would treat Jesus. Then maybe, just maybe, they will look at us as we walk away and wonder to themselves; who was that person, they looked just like Jesus.

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Do It Yourself – Joshua 5 1-9

Posted by on December 9th, 2007

Sometimes I look at the passage and think what is God trying to say. Well he may be trying to say something different to me then he does to you. So today we are going to play the passage again. The is time for you to do it yourself and ask God what it means for you.
1 When all the Amorite kings west of the Jordan and the Canaanite kings along the seacoast heard how God had stopped the Jordan River before the People of Israel until they had crossed over, their hearts sank; the courage drained out of them just thinking about the People of Israel. 2-3 At that time God said to Joshua, “Make stone knives and circumcise the People of Israel a second time.” So Joshua made stone knives and circumcised the People of Israel at Foreskins Hill. 4-7 This is why Joshua conducted the circumcision. All the males who had left Egypt, the soldiers, had died in the wilderness on the journey out of Egypt. All the people who had come out of Egypt, of course, had been circumcised, but all those born in the wilderness along the way since leaving Egypt had not been. The fact is that the People of Israel had walked through that wilderness for forty years until the entire nation died out, all the men of military age who had come out of Egypt but had disobeyed the call of God. God vowed that these would never lay eyes on the land God had solemnly promised their ancestors to give us, a land flowing with milk and honey. But their children had replaced them. These are the ones Joshua circumcised. They had never been circumcised; no one had circumcised them along the way. 8 When they had completed the circumcising of the whole nation, they stayed where they were in camp until they were healed. 9 God said to Joshua, “Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt.” That’s why the place is called The Gilgal. It’s still called that.

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Leader of Mankind – Joshua 4 12-24

Posted by on December 6th, 2007

So GOD made Joshua great that day in the sight of all Israel. We have talked about this often in these devs and we have even talked about this recently from earlier passages in Joshua but sometimes I think we still miss the point. Joshua wasn’t special, God was. Joshua didn’t know how to lead people, God taught him as he went. Joshua didn’t look great in from of his mates, but God made Joshua look great that day. Let’s be honest most of the time we don’t feel special at school or college. Often we don’t feel that we look great in front of our mates and we spend most of time trying not to look like a dork. But it’s not all about us is it? It’s all about God and what God can do through us. It says elsewhere in the Bible that God will not let you through anything that he knows you are not capable of coping with. That means that God won’t give you a job to do that you can’t do. So if you feel God is telling you to do something but it scares you then God knows you can do it. You might have to persuade people that you think won’t listen to you, but God will make them listen. You might have to get people to do things who you think won’t follow you, but God will make you look like the leader they can follow. Remember God made the people look at Joshua as the leader and God wil make the pople you need to lead look at you as the leader too.

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